Hey everyone, I'm Zach! I have a beautiful wife, a crazy labradoodle puppy, I enjoy playing guitar, and I love spending time with family and friends. I also have a strong passion for telling compelling stories, which is what drives my entire process when it comes to wedding videography.

I believe that your wedding day is one of the biggest stories that will ever happen in your life. I want to create an artistically composed film that captures all the beauty and elegance of your day! Video can bring back all the beautiful memories, not just by sight, but also through sound, and emotion. The father-daughter dance is a moment that lasts a lot longer than the snapshot of a photograph. The hilarious best-man's speech is something you'll want to listen to, and laugh at 20 years from now! These are the moments that make up the biggest day of your life. I want to tell that story. Your story!